Mizuno Wave Lightning RX2 Women

Alright let’s check out this badass women’s shoe called the Mizuno Wave Lightning RX2. It comes in a gazillion colors, like a beautiful rainbow of badassness. I have to say, these look pretty dope. And much like the Texas legislature, I know what’s best for women. But don’t take my word for it, check out Wee Wern Low at the British Open:

Photo: Steve Cubbins

Speaking of the Texas legislature. I bet this is mainly an American news story, but recently Texas was trying to pass a law restricting abortion rights, and a legislator named Wendy Davis tried to stop it with a 12-hour filibuster. Here she is in action – note the pink shoes:

Photo: Eric Gay/Associated Press

Well Wendy Davis became instantly famous for this, but amusingly, her pink Mizuno running shoes have also become famous. Check out the reviews on Amazon.

ANYHOW, I was saying something about the Mizuno Wave Lightning RX2? CHECK THESE OUT.

Might just have to buy me some women’s squash shoes next time around. I like the orange ones the best. Anyway here are some affiliate links to buy these.

Buy (US):  amazon.com

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  • me gustan los azules y amarillos, querría saber cuanto cuestan y si hay del 36

    • Hi Marina I have updated the link to Amazon. You can check there to see if the shoes are available in your size and whether they will deliver to you. Thanks


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