Mizuno Wave Stealth 2 Shoes

The Mizuno Wave Stealth 2. Here’s the current version, in yellow and black:

Mizuno Wave Stealth 2 Yellow Black
Image via amazon.com

Yellow Black
Image via amazon.com

In some of the product pictures, they come out looking a bit more greenish:

Image via zalando.co.uk

Image via zalando.co.uk

Also note, the inside of the shoe is black:

Image via zalando.co.uk

Here’s a picture sent in by Fred, a Squash Source reader:


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Mizuno Wave Stealth 2 Men – Blue Yellow

Here’s a blue and yellow version:

Mizuno Wave Stealth 2 blue yellow
Image via mizuno.eu

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Buy (Germany):



Mizuno Wave Stealth 2 Men – White Black

And here’s a white, blue and black version, which I haven’t seen for sale yet:
Mizuno Wave Stealth 2 white blue black
Image via mizuno.eu

Mizuno Wave Stealth 2 Men – Black Yellow

Here’s another. This looks cool:

Black Yellow
Image via amazon.com

Buy (US): amazon.com

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  1. Zsolt says

    After seeing the new Asics Blast models, got upset and bought this model. My experience so far is: insane grip (literally you feel like you could walk on walls with this), great cushioning (specially at the back). I have narrow feet, and this model has wide space for feet in the front, but had no problems – great lock-down. Really light. Durability i don’t know yet (my experience with other Mizunos is that they don’t last as long as Asics models do) but we will see. Now that the Wave 3 has come out the price of this dropped so i would recommend it. Best indoor shoes i had so far… now only the durability test remains

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