New Asics Gel Fireblast 2014 for Men in Blue

Here’s an updated blue Asics Gel Fireblast for 2014.

Asics Gel Fireblast Men Blue 2014
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It looks pretty similar to last year’s, except the Asics logo is black. Here’s the previous one:

Asics Gel Fireblast - Blue 2013

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  • Over the years I have stuck to Asics. I change one pair every year. I have used the Gel Rocket 5, Gel Blade 3 and currently Gel Blast 5.

    Each of them is great, and distinctive in their own way. Rockets made up in price and affordability what it lacked in cushioning or design. Blades were a little low, but comfortable, maneuverable and great grip. But the best so far are the Blasts.

    I am due to switch my shoes again. Wondering if the Fireblasts are the next logical progression for me. The first thing that strikes me is the price. At $200 they are by far, in my opinion, the costliest squash shoes in the market.

    Pierre – the question is – is this pair really worth $200. If not, then what other pair would you recommend from the Asics stable. Perhaps because of the price, I’ve not seen many people wear this in the East Coast. The Yellow-Black ones look killer, but seem to be really hard to find, like what Gregoire Marche wears.

    Any advice from Pierre on any other reader, before I take the rather expensive plunge into this pair. There must be something special for it to be priced so high. I am guessing this is even costlier than a top-end Asics Running Shoe!

  • Hi James, I’m a bit leery of the Fireblast. One reader found they cut into his ankles. (Though other readers said it wasn’t a problem.) Check out the post and comments here:

    It’s been years since I’ve worn Asics. I haven’t worn them since my old 1140Vs. I’m kind of tempted by these Get Rocket 7s, but entirely on stylistic grounds. I’ve never tried the Rockets before.


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