New Version of the Wilson Blade BLX?

Check out these photos sent in by Tjeerd, of these two Wilson rackets side-by-side:



The top one is the Wilson Tour BLX (2011 version), one of Tjeerd’s favorite rackets, also favored by Peter Barker, Tom Richards and Nicky Mueller.

The bottom one is branded as the Wilson Blade BLX. Which is weird, because the Wilson Blade BLX I’ve posted before has a totally different head shape.

So, strange: two rackets called the Wilson Blade BLX, and one of them looks like the Wilson Tour BLX.

Tjeerd says:

It has the exact headshape as the Tour BLX! Anyway, since I was convinced that it was indeed the Tour BLX (that I love so much) I was holding in my hand, I took my change and bought both remaining sticks they had in store. 😛

First thing I did at home was taking some measurments. The Tour BLX incognito had – as expected – the *exact* weight (+/- 160 grams) and balance (+/- 36.3 cm) as the “real” Tour BLX. In I few days I will give them a go on court and I am pretty sure they will indeed feel the same.

Some more interesting notes :

1) These rackets do not have the “shared grommets” technology, like the ones pictured on SquashSource.

2) These rackets are strung with the Wilson Sensation Strike string instead of the Wilson Hollowcore string.

So, what is this? Faulty paint job? Marketing “flaw”?
In any case, I was unable to track these gold / black “Tours” on the World Wide Web… :)

A mystery is afoot. Anyone have any ideas?

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