Old School Prince Extender OS Squash Rackets

Remember the Prince Extender? This was the bomb racket in the late 90s. I think I might’ve used the BIGBOY but I’m sure there was another model I used to roll with that I’m forgetting the name of that had a red color scheme (update: Jon reminds me it was called the Featherlite).

Anybody remember other Extender OS models besides what I’ve posted here? If so, please give them a shout-out in the comments.

And if you happen to have one of these stuffed in a closet somewhere, take a picture and send it in — I’ll post it here.

Here are some photos, and affiliate links where I could find them.

The Extender OS Aerolite:

Prince Extender OS Aerolite
Image via ebay



The Extender OS Thunder:

Prince Extender OS Thunder
Image via ebay



Extender OS Badboy:

Prince Extended OS Badboy
Image via ebay



The Badboy in brown:

Prince Extender OS Badboy - Brown
Image via Duncan Welch


Extender OS Cronos:

Prince Extender OS Cronos
Image via Gunther Serrano


Extender OS Bigboy:

Prince Extender OS Bigboy
Image via Harrison Sebring, BADBOY FOR LIFE

And now for an old-school lyrical interlude.

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  • Frenchie – you are thinking of the Featherlite. That was the lightest model they made at the time and had the red color scheme. I broke all of mine and then switched over Prince’s new Power Ring line by senior year.

    • Good call Jon

  • I noticed your site while looking for the string pattern for an Extender OS Cronos. It too is dark red. I just played with it today. It was my playing partners first racquet.

    • Nice one Gunther. I don’t even remember the Cronos. If you can get a picture, email it in and I’ll post it! Best


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