Playing Parth Sharma

Parth Sharma

Last night I played Parth Sharma, former Trinity Squash #2, in a local league match. I managed to get a few points off him, but he pretty much casually swatted me away like I was a pesky mosquito.

Parth is originally from India and, after his stint at Trinity, is now a coach at the Philly Cricket Club.

One thing that struck me about Parth’s shots is how much more underspin they have than mine. His shots would often hit the same spot on the front wall as mine, but they’d die much faster in the back of the court. Even in the warmup I was having trouble getting his crosscourts back. Not a good sign. Anyway, something to work on for my game.

Interestingly, Parth was playing with the EXACT same equipment as me: Dunlop Pro GTX 130 racket and Asics Gel 1130V squash shoes.

Here’s a video of Parth playing Yale’s Kenneth Chan:

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