Rare Black Knight Rackets

Today I’m happy to introduce a guest post from regular reader Ghostface* about some hard-to-find Black Knight squash rackets.

*name may have been changed at author’s request

Without further ado, here’s Ghostface:

I have just received two rare BK rackets in the mail today, thought I’d share some pictures of them with you. You might like to feature them if you have a liking for strawberry pink.

Black Knight Magnum Lava

First up we have the Black Knight Magnum Lava, which I read somewhere that it was only sold to club players.

Discontinued 4 years ago.

Product specifications: here.

Basically it is quite the same as the still-in-production Magnum Corona6, except that:

1. Corona6 only has 16 crosses but Lava as 18 crosses, probably giving it better control.
2. Corona6 is created with Thermal Core process but Lava isn’t.
3. Corona6 has Power of 6 Technology, but Lava doesn’t.
4. Corona6 comes stock with SuperNick XL Micro, Lava with PowerNick 18.

Other than that, everything else between the two are the same.

The other old Magnum models like the Magnum Frost (white) and Magnum Orbit (red) are exactly the same as the Lava. Only differences are the stock strings – The Frost uses SuperNick XL Pro, the Lava uses PowerNick 18 and the Orbit uses KevFibre. Other than that they are the same racket with different cosmetics.

Ryan Cuskelly used the Magnum Lava at the 2013 World Team Championship (WSF event, not PSA), you can see the racket here in action: YouTube Link. Match turned very ugly towards the end.

Black Knight Magnum Lava6 Chrome

Next up we have the ultra rare Magnum Lava6 Chrome. It is confirmed by a BK representative that this model was released as a limited edition racket and as a more technologically advanced version of the Magnum Lava. This racket might have given rise to the birth of the Magnum Corona6 – which is what BK sells today.

Lava6 Chrome has the colours of the Lava inverted.

I have attached some pictures that compare both the Corona6 and the Lava6 Chrome side by side. They are exactly the same, only differences are the cosmetics and their stock strings (Corona6 comes with fluorescent yellow SuperNick XL Micro, Lava6 Chrome comes with red PowerNick 18).

The only player I know who currently uses this is Canadian player Hollie Naughton (WSA World no. 58). You can see the racket here in action at the 2015 Canadian Nationals (Final) against Samantha Cornett: YouTube Link.

For exact specifications for the Lava6 Chrome, just view the Corona6’s product page. There is no available information on the net for this racket.

Spotted: New Dunlop Evolution 130

A reader named George spotted this new frame:

Photo via George Taylor

George says:

Noticed Declan James playing with a new cosmetic of the dunlop evolution 130, beam looked slightly thinner and not as square in the shaft.

Looks like a cool new cosmetic. Will be keeping an eye out for this one.

Update: turns out this new racket is the Dunlop Force Evolution 120.

Here’s another version of the Evolution 130, spotted by reader Wong Chao Yi. This is an Ong Beng Hee signature version, and it appears to be available only in Malaysia.

Photo via Wong Chao Yi

British Open 2015 Squash Equipment Roundup

British Open 2015 Squash

Here’s an equipment rundown for the British Open 2015 squash tournament. I’ve included every player that I could find a photo of. If you see any mistakes, please let me know in the comments!

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Squash Source Chat

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Ryan Cuskelly Now with Harrow

Here’s Aussie Ryan Cuskelly, on his way to winning the Oregon Open. Looks like he’s switched to the Harrow Vapor.

Image via @cusk87

Here’s a few samples from his collection of Vapors:

Get yourself one of these they are a game changer #teamharrow #vapor @harrowsports

A photo posted by Ryan Cuskelly (@cusk87) on

Here he was back in the day when he used Black Knight: