Calling All Squash Pros


I’m excited to announce that I’ve put together a new service that helps squash pros get set up with a nice Website / blog. I’ve noticed that many pros don’t have a Website, and my goal is to help at least 5 pros get set up with one. Learn more at

Tarek Momen 2014 HK Open


Here’s Tarek Momen at the 2014 HK Open. He’s got a new racket, the Prince Team Red 700, which is new for 2014: Photo by Squash Site ∞ Last year he was using the Prince EXO3 Rebel. Great photo by the way. Tarek always comes off looking a bit scrawny on Squash TV, but he […]

Diego Elias Squash Racket and Shoes


Let’s have a look at Diego Elias’s racket and shoes. Diego is the Peruvian powerhouse who just won the 2014 men’s world junior championships without dropping a game. Photo via 305squash Instagram ∞ For his racket, he’s rocking the Dunlop Biomimetic Elite (2013 version). And on his feet we have the Asics Gel Domain 2. […]

Borja Golan Using New Eye Racket


Here’s Borja Golan at the 2014 HK Open. Looks like he’s switched to the Eye X.Lite 120 Control (same one as Shabana). Photo by Steve Cubbins ∞ Thanks to Javier for the tip! Here’s Borja in an Eye product photo: Prior to that he was using the Eye X.Lite 120 Pro Control, though he’s been […]