Ramy Ashour Shoes

A significant number of people find this Website by searching for “Ramy Ashour shoes”, so I’ve created a dedicated page for it.

Here’s Ramy at the 2014 World Championships. He’s wearing new shoes for this tournament. These are the Adidas Court Stabil 10.1.

Photo by Steve Cubbins

Here they are, big:

Adidas Court Stabil 10.1 Blue

Here’s Ramy back at the 2013 HK Open. At that time, he was wearing the Adidas Opticourt Team Light 2:

Ramy Ashour - HK Open
Photo by Steve Cubbins

Big version:

Thanks to Rick and Hernan for the tips.


Here’s Ramy at the 2012 Allam British Open. Back then he was wearing¬†Asics Seigyo¬†shoes:

Ramy Ashour Shoes
Photo by Steve Cubbins

Here’s a larger version of the Asics Seigyo:

Asics Seigyo Shoes


And here’s a photo of Ramy’s shoes prior to that. This one is from the 2012 El Gouna international. These shoes are the Adidas Ambition Stripes V. Oddly, Ramy taped over the Adidas markings.

Photo by Steve Cubbins

I’ll update this page if I spot Ramy in new shoes.

Behind the Scenes at US Open Squash

The 2014 US Open just kicked off — yesterday was the first day of matches for the main draw — and I went down to Drexel to check things out. Thanks to a lucky turn of events, I managed to score a media pass to the event this year (thanks Jim, Jay and Dent!) and took a bunch of photos and videos of the setup there, for anyone who’s interested in how it’s put together.

First of all when you get off the train at 30th street, one of the first things you see is this billboard:


Then as you walk down the street to the venue there are banners featuring Nicol David, Greg Gaultier and more I think.

Coming into the Daskalakis Athletic Center, there are some matches taking place on the Drexel squash team’s courts:


Later in the week, all matches are played on the show court.

Show Court Entrance

The main court is housed in a basketball arena. Right as you come in the entrance, you can see the Squash TV commentators doing their broadcast (left) and the court (right).


Since the Squash TV guys are right at the front, people are constantly walking past — it must be tough to keep your concentration in that spot.

Here’s what their setup looks like from behind — it’s basically a camera, two lights, a monitor, and some audio equipment.


Here’s another view from the entrance area:

The stands are to the left as you look at the court from the entrance. All around the arena, there are big video screens like you see in this picture, displaying the live Squash TV feed:


Club Area

On the sides of the court are a bunch of tables where you can sit with a drink and some food. You need a “Club Level” or better ticket to get in there. There’s a bar serving alcohol inside the velvety rope.

In prior years these side areas had bleachers for overflow spectators, but they were sparsely used and blocked the view a little. The way they did it this year with tables looks so much nicer.


Inside the Club area, you can get up close to the action:


Here’s a pan shot from up close — more tables on the right, stands on the left:

The Club area forms a U shape around the side walls and front walls. There are tons of interesting viewing angles:





This is one of the player boxes where they recover between games and talk to their coaches. There’s one on the opposite side of the court for the other player.


The Stands

Here are some views from the stands. This is a pan shot from the top right corner, by the entrance:


And here’s a regular picture from the same spot with the court in view. This is the absolute farthest seat away from the courts, and the view is still good:


This is the top left corner of the stands. This is the farthest seat from the action — this time on the other end of the stands — and it’s still a great place to watch the match. I caught the end of the 5-game thriller between Waller and Golan here:


Here’s a pan shot from the top left corner:


You can see over the left wall in that pan shot is a closed-off backstage area. This is where the players warm up and enter from. One nice thing about this seat is you can peer over and see the players warming up:

President’s Suite

There’s another seating area called the “President’s Suite”, dead center atop the main stands. I’m not even sure how you get tickets for this area — I think you might need to be a tournament sponsor.

Here’s what the action looks like from the President’s Suite:

It’s pretty sweet in the suite:


You can even grab some ditties, and there’s a bar too (not pictured):


In this picture, the opening on the right is where the players make their entrance for their match.


Straight ahead is where the emcee Gilly Lane sits in between announcements and introductions.

To the left, there are some makeshift rooms cordoned off by those portable black walls you can see in the picture.

Somewhere in there, media teams for the US Open Squash Website, SquashSite, Squash Magazine and more are creating content for their various publications.

If you walk forward a bit you’ll see the Squash TV production crew broadcasting live around the globe on PSA Squash TV:

squash tv

There are also a couple bikes for players to warm up and cool down on:


Not to mention a private spot for players to get a massage:

And if you REALLY dig deep into the place, go down a tunnel, through a drainpipe, and behind a secret hidden door, what do you find? All of Squash TV’s crap: