Prince Airstick 140 Squash Racket

Yo, it’s either the Prince Airstick 140 or the Prince Airstick Elite 140, depending on whether you live in the US or UK.

Racket Specs
Weight: Medium (140 grams)
Balance: ?
Head size: Medium (480cm2)

These two rackets have different color schemes. I’m not sure if they have the exact same specs. The US Websites list the US version of the racket as a balance point of 36 cm, which would be a bit head heavy. However, the UK Websites list the racket as 34.5 cm (and this was confirmed by a reader named Javier, who sent me a picture of the UK version showing the 34.5 spec — thanks Javier!). So, I’m not 100% sure.

Prince Airstick Elite 140

Prince Airstick Elite 140 Squash Racket
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This one’s for you UK folks.

Buy (UK):


Prince Airstick 140 Squash Racket

There’s also the Prince Airstick 140 (minus the “Elite”), which has a different color scheme.

Prince Airstick 140 Squash Racket
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This one’s only available in the US.

Buy (US):

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