Prince O3 Black Squash Racket

This Prince O3 Black is an older model but James Willstrop has been using this recently, including at the 2012 US Open.

Prince O3 Black Squash Racket

Nick from wrote in to say that James has been having problems with breakages on his latest racquet, the Prince EXO3 Tour, so he’s reverted back to this Prince O3 Black temporarily.

One great thing about this racket is it’s named the Prince O3 Black, but the racket is actually silver. Thanks for that, Prince.

Even though this racket is a few years old, you can still find it for sale. Here are some links.

Buy (US / Canada): | |

Buy (UK): |

Buy (Germany):

Here’s James Willstrop in action, with this racket in hand.

James Willstrop US Open 2012
Photo via

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  1. aqtor says

    The reason why its still for sale is, that it is still one of the best rackets every built. I can highly recommend the Prince O3 Black.

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