Prince Pro Rebel 950 Squash Racket

This Prince Pro Rebel 950 was spotted on the Prince New Zealand Website. Most likely, this is the updated version of the Prince EXO3 Rebel, which is used by Nicol David and tons of other women and men.

Prince Pro Rebel 950 Squash Racket
Image via


Weight: Medium (135 grams)
Balance: Head-Heavy (37.5 cm.)
Head Size: Small (464 sq. cm.)
String Pattern: 16 x 16
Strung with: Prince Rebel 17

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Here are a couple photos from a Prince photoshoot with Nicol, via the Prince Squash Facebook page. Yep, she’s holding the Pro Rebel 950.

Nicol David Racket 2014
Nicol David Racket 2014
Images via

Here’s Adrian Waller using this racket in the the 2014 British Nationals (thanks to ipi for the tip). He was previously using the EXO3 Rebel, so that makes sense.

Adrian Waller - 2014 British Nationals
Photo by Steve Cubbins

Here’s Nicol using the new racket in the 2014 British Open:

Nicol David 2014 British Open
Photo by Steve Cubbins

Here’s Mohamed Abouelghar at the 2015 British Open:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

And Camille Serme too:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

Prince Pro Rebel 950 Reviews

Here’s Paul “Pro Rebel” Hargrave from PDH Sports explaining a bit more about this racket and how it compares to other rackets in the Prince range:

Here’s my own personal review of the Pro Rebel:

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  1. ipi says

    Hi Pierre, I believe Adrian Waller used this new Prince Pro Rebel 950 racket during British National Championship.
    Thanks :)

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Geoff, here’s what Damon at Prince had to say:

      It is essentially a cosmetic update but that in itself will change the feel of the racket slightly. Still on the head heavy side as with the previous version but hits pretty solidly.

      • Geoff says

        Thanks for that Pierre.
        I actually compared 2011, and 2014 Prince rebel over the past week and noticed that 2011 seems a bit less head heavy.

        My friends also have been saying that 2014 rebel feels a bit heavier than the previous iteration.

  2. Tom says

    I’m playing this racket -Pro Rebel 950- and absolutely love it. Stable, powerful, great touch and beautifully balanced!


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