PSA World Tour

The PSA World Tour is the name of the main men’s professional squash tour. They organize tournaments year-round, all around the globe.

The PSA World Tour is coordinated by the Professional Squash Association, which is the governing body for men’s professional squash. You can watch the major PSA World Tour matches on PSA Squash TV.

There are different levels of PSA World Tour tournaments.

World Squash Championship

The most important tournament of the year with the biggest prize money is called the PSA World Squash Championship (it was formerly called the World Open).

PSA World Series Squash

The next rung of tournaments are referred to as World Series events. All of these are included on Squash TV.

PSA International & Challenger

After that you have the PSA International events, which are medium-to-large events. Finally you have the smaller PSA Challenger events, which are local tournaments with smaller prize purses for up-and-coming players to work their way up the ranks.

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