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Puma Squash 2000 Sneakers Are Not Good for Squash

I got a tip from Jon Sharpe on Twitter about these Puma Squash 2000 trainers. They look cool but despite their squash-y name, they don’t appear to be great shoes for squash.

Puma Squash 2000
Image via @JonSharpe79

The title of this product on Amazon.com is “Puma Men’s Squash 2000 Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker”. The fact that they added “fashion” in there is not a good sign. The UK site doesn’t pigeonhole them as a fashion statement, though they do say these shoes are “perfect for the modern man”.

Anyway the reviews on Amazon confirm our suspicions:

“They work great…but the suede is too soft on the toe and it wore through within a week (due to the foot drag during squash lunges)”

“Not Really for Squash…You’ll find no support, cushion or engineering in this shoe.”

So, I can’t really recommend these for squash. But if you’re interested in buying them purely for fashion, then please proceed.

Puma Squash 2000 Blue


Buy (US): amazon.com

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk


Puma Squash 2000 Beige


Buy (US): amazon.com


Puma Squash 2000 Black


Buy (US): amazon.com


Puma Squash 2000 White


Buy (US): amazon.com

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk

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