Puma Squash 2000 Sneakers Are Not Good for Squash

I got a tip from Jon Sharpe on Twitter about these Puma Squash 2000 trainers. They look cool but despite their squash-y name, they don’t appear to be great shoes for squash.

Puma Squash 2000
Image via @JonSharpe79

The title of this product on Amazon.com is “Puma Men’s Squash 2000 Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker”. The fact that they added “fashion” in there is not a good sign. The UK site doesn’t pigeonhole them as a fashion statement, though they do say these shoes are “perfect for the modern man”.

Anyway the reviews on Amazon confirm our suspicions:

“They work great…but the suede is too soft on the toe and it wore through within a week (due to the foot drag during squash lunges)”

“Not Really for Squash…You’ll find no support, cushion or engineering in this shoe.”

So, I can’t really recommend these for squash. But if you’re interested in buying them purely for fashion, then please proceed.

Puma Squash 2000 Blue


Buy (US): amazon.com

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk


Puma Squash 2000 Beige


Buy (US): amazon.com


Puma Squash 2000 Black


Buy (US): amazon.com


Puma Squash 2000 White


Buy (US): amazon.com

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk

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  1. Fred says

    I’m new to the game, so recently I decided to get my first pair of proper shoes for the courts. I have been an avid Puma fan pretty much my whole life (I love my Puma Suedes) and thought of combining my love for Puma with squash. As the Puma Squash 2000 isn’t available at where I am, I decided to settle on the Asics Gel-blade 4 as my first proper pair of squash shoes. My game immediately improved and I was really blown away on how much easier I could get around the court. Then last week, my Puma Squash 2000 came in the mail, and they were a perfect fit (we know how risky sizing can be when ordering unfamiliar shoes online). I was immediately excited for my first game ever with these shoes. Well, after five minutes into the game with the Pumas, I went back to my car, took out the Asics, and swapped them out. THAT was how disappointing the Pumas were. A proper pair of court shoes like the Gel-balde proved to be far superior in almost every aspect. Well, the Squash 2000 is really light and has good grip, but it has ZERO support. I even tried making them as tight as I could but it still felt as if I was running on a mattress. I was struggling to have my feet stay on the soles of the shoes. I’m going to give the Pumas one more chance at the next game though, but my mind is pretty made up about them. What a pity, I think they look really good with that classic design. If only they made the upper section more rigid to give it more support. This shows that proper R&D is still necessary if you wanted to manufacture proper shoes for the sport.

  2. Tjeerd says

    Someone at my club fell for the retro look, tried them during one match and then tossed them in the corner. These shoes are *dangerous* when you use them for squash. The soles are far too slippery, it’s like playing squash on gravel…

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