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Eye Squash Rackets Catalog

I recently reviewed the Eye X.Lite 120 Control (which both Shabana and Golan use) and Eye X.Lite 120 Power, but how do these fit into the overall Eye Rackets catalog?

Read below to find out. By the way, all the rackets can be purchased from eyerackets.co.uk, and all images are from eyerackets.co.uk.

Eye X.Lite Rackets

The Eye X.Lite rackets have a traditional closed-throat design with a slightly above-average head size (490 sq. cm.).

The one that Shabana and Golan use is the Eye X.Lite 120 Control:
Eye X.Lite 120 Control

The Eye X.Lite 120 Power is the same as the 120 control, but has a more open stringing pattern (12 x 17 instead of 14 x 18):

The Eye X.Lite 110 Control is based off the 120 Control but has 10 grams of weight taken out of the head, making it more head-light:

Eye X.Lite 110 Power has the lighter weight AND the more open stringing pattern:

Eye X.Lite Pro Rackets

The Eye X.Lite “Pro” rackets also have a conventional head shape, but they have a smaller head size (460 sq. cm.) than the regular x.Lite rackets.

Once again, the Control versions have more strings than the Power versions, and the 110s have 10 grams taken out of the head.

Eye X.Lite 120 Pro Control:

Eye X.Lite 120 Pro Power:

Eye X.Lite 110 Pro Control:

Eye X.Lite 110 Pro Power:

Eye V.Lite Rackets

The V.Lite rackets have a teardrop head shape. Within this group, there are 4 rackets with a vertical stringing pattern:

Eye V.Lite 120 Control

Eye V.Lite 120 Power

Eye V.Lite 110 Control

Eye V.Lite 110 Power

And then 5, count ’em 5, rackets with a fan-shaped stringing pattern.

Eye V.Lite 115 Control:

Eye V.Lite 115 Power:

Eye V.Lite 125 Control:

Eye V.Lite 125 Power:

And the Eye V.Lite 145 Power is the bonus guy, with 30 grams extra stashed in the head. Good for a beginner, because the extra weight in the head will help you shape your swing, and also give you a bit of extra sturdiness if you come into hard contact with the wall:


Shabana’s Eye X.Lite 120 Control [Video Review]

It’s the Eye X.Lite 120 Control:

Eye X.Lite 120 Control
Image via eyerackets.co.uk

Advertised Specs

Weight: Light (120 grams)
Balance: Even (35.25 cm)
Head Size: Medium (490 sq. cm)
String Pattern: 14 x 18
Strung with: Eye X.Tech

Affiliate Links

Buy (US): squashgear.com

Buy (UK): eyerackets.co.uk

Racket Notes

I’ve been getting a ton of questions about this racket.

Amr Shabana, the Maestro, uses the Eye X.Lite 120 Control:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

So smooth.

Oh, and then there’s Borja Golan. He uses it too:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

So it’s no wonder people are asking.

Eye X.Lite 120 Control Reviews

Sam from Eye Rackets in the UK was kind enough to send me this racket to demo, and I recorded a video review (including a comparison with the Eye X.Lite 120 Power), which you can check out here:

In the video, I mention how this racket has taken some time to get used to. Well you know the guy I lost my league match to? (The one I talk about in the video.) I played him again this week and beat him for the first time ever, using the X.Lite 120 Control.

GRANTED he hasn’t been playing squash for about a year, but hey, he beat me two weeks ago, and I got him this time. I’ll take it.

Anyway, here’s what Joey Barrington, the main Squash TV commentator, has to say (he’s also a partner at Eye):

Interestingly, Joey says the racket is weighted towards the head.

When I did the review I felt it was quite evenly balanced, but I just measured the racket and came up with a balance point of 35.25 cm. The exact midpoint of a racket would be 34.25. So, this puppy is 1 cm head heavy. Not much, but perhaps when you have feel like Joey Barrington, it’s noticeable.

Eye X Lite 120 Pro Control Squash Racket

The Eye X.Lite 120 Pro Control. It’s 120 grams and I don’t know the balance.

Eye X.Lite 120 Pro Control Squash Racket
Image via eyerackets.com

Borja Golan just starting using this racket, moving away from the Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GT-X 140. Here’s Borja in a strange photo from the 2014 Swedish Open:

Photo by Tommi Tapola

Here’s the promo photo:

Borja Golan Racket

No affiliate links yet, but you can buy this racket at eyerackets.com

Note: Borja has since switched to the Eye X.Lite 120 Control.