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Harrow Junior Squash Racquets

Harrow Junior Squash Racquets. These are 24 inches long, so 3 inches shorter than a typical “adult” squash racket.

Weight: Heavy (155 grams)
Balance: Even
Head Size: ?
String Pattern: 14 x 18

I guess this is the “girls” one, because it’s pink and stuff.

Image via holabirdsports.com

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And this would be the “boys” one, because it’s not pink. Aren’t air quotes “fun”?

Image via holabirdsports.com

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Harrow M140

This is the Harrow M140. $195 at the moment.

Image via controlthet.com

Weight: Medium (145 grams, strung)
Balance: Head-Heavy (38 cm)
String Pattern: 16 x 19

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Harrow M140 Reviews

A guy named Ed at my local courts plays with this one and I had a brief hit with it today. Though it’s listed as a 38 cm balance, which I’d think would feel head-heavy, it actually felt even balanced. It had a large-ish head size and a very satisfying feel. Perhaps it was a little stiff. I felt like it had great contact on the ball, nice blend of power and control.

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Harrow Women’s World Team Championships Racket

Just saw this on Harrow’s Instgram account. Looks pretty cool:


From Harrow:

We are thrilled to be the official apparel provider and racquet sponsor of the 2014 SHOP.CA Women’s World Team Squash Championship! Here’s a sneak peak of the commemorative racquet #wwt2014squash

Trying to find out what frame it’s based on.

Update: Harrow confirmed this is based on the Harrow Stealth Ultralite