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Head Microgel Power Ignition Squash Racket

The Head Microgel Power Ignition 2.0:

Head Microgel Power Ignition 2.0
Image via head.com

This guy is apparently 150 grams and head-light. I’ve never tried it. Looks like a classic open-throat shape, with a bit of weight to the frame. It’s actually probably about a year old, just posting it now.

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There’s also an older version (the 1.0 I guess) that’s still available.

Head Microgel Power Ignition Squash Racket
Image via amazon.com

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Head Cyano 145

Here’s the Head Cyano 145:

Head Cyano 145
Image via amazon.com

Never really seen this puppy before. I only came across it when I was just researching my post on the Head Cyano 115.

Anyway, it’s 145 grams, so heavier than the 115. It supposed to be a balance point of 32cm, which should feel head-light.

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Head Cyano 145 Reviews

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Head Microgel 110 Stealth

Head Microgel 110 Stealth
Image via PDH Sports Instagram

PDH Sports in the UK has an exclusive model, the Head Microgel 110 Stealth. Looks like it’s based on the Head Microgel 110 frame but with a custom paint job, which looks pretty awesome actually.

Head Microgel 110 Stealth Specs

Weight: Light (110 grams)
Balance: Head-Heavy (37 cm)
Head Size: Large (500 sq. cm)

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Head Graphene Neon 150 Squash Racket

Hey, it’s the Head Graphene Neon 150.

Head Graphene Neon 150

Head Graphene Neon 150 Specs

Weight: Heavy (150 grams)
Balance: Head-Light (33 cm)
Head Size: Large (500 sq. cm)
Released: 2013

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Head Graphene Neon 150 Reviews

My buddy Jeremy used to play with this one. For some odd reason, I never asked him how he liked it, but I will try to get his input next time I see him, which will be tomorrow at 9.30am exactly. Now you know.

Here’s a review from Paul “Neon” Hargrave from PDH Sports. He says this is a solid racket with lots of control and good power, though he prefers the lighter Head Graphene Neon 130.

Have you used this racket? Please let us know in the comments how you liked it!