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Karakal Tec Lite 130

Karakal Tec Lite 130

It’s the Karakal Tec Lite 130: Image via karakal.com Looks like that’s the 2014 version and will be coming out soon. Haven’t seen it in stores yet. Anyway it’s supposed to be 130 grams and head-heavy. Ten grams heavier than the Karakal Tec Gel 120, ya know? This one prolly was too heavy for Cameron […]

Karakal Tec Tour 140

Karakal Tec Tour 140 Review

It’s the Karakal Tec Tour 140 squash racket: Image via sweatband.com This guy is 140 grams so a medium weight. Sweatband lists the balance as 35-37 cm. It’s a bit weird to have a range like that, but presumably this is head-heavy. The head size is 470 sq. cm, which is small. Affiliate Links Here […]