Ramy Ashour Shoes

A significant number of people find this Website by searching for “Ramy Ashour shoes”, so I’ve created a dedicated page for it.

Here’s Ramy at the 2014 World Championships. He’s wearing new shoes for this tournament. These are the Adidas Court Stabil 10.1.

Photo by Steve Cubbins

Here they are, big:

Adidas Court Stabil 10.1 Blue

Here’s Ramy back at the 2013 HK Open. At that time, he was wearing the Adidas Opticourt Team Light 2:

Ramy Ashour - HK Open
Photo by Steve Cubbins

Big version:

Thanks to Rick and Hernan for the tips.


Here’s Ramy at the 2012 Allam British Open. Back then he was wearing Asics Seigyo shoes:

Ramy Ashour Shoes
Photo by Steve Cubbins

Here’s a larger version of the Asics Seigyo:

Asics Seigyo Shoes


And here’s a photo of Ramy’s shoes prior to that. This one is from the 2012 El Gouna international. These shoes are the Adidas Ambition Stripes V. Oddly, Ramy taped over the Adidas markings.

Photo by Steve Cubbins

I’ll update this page if I spot Ramy in new shoes.

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    • Zsolt says

      It’s probably because the Stabil 11 is not for everyone. A few of my friends tried it and the feedback was the same: too bulky and heavy.
      For me personally, i feel that the Stabil, since 10.0, has changed in a wrong way. I just feel, that they jumped on a marketing bandwagon, releasing a new version every year – making it fancy with plastic and colorfull, but nothing new other then that.
      Heavier players with wide feet, might find it comfortable, but for me…. i value speed and tight toe-boxes (so i opt for Asics or Mizuno).
      Interestingly there is a lighter version indoor shoe from Adidas called Adidas Counterblast 7 . But i don’t see it being worn by anyone.

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