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Ramy Ashour

This is the Ramy Ashour category on Squash Source.

2013 HK Open – Nick Matthew

Equipment report for the HK Open men's draw, won by Nick Matthew.


Ramy Ashour Shoes

Adidas Opticourt Team Light 2 – Black

New kicks for Ramy.

2013 Qatar Classic Squash

Equipment recap for the Qatar Classic, which Mohamed El Shorbagy won in a thriller.

2013 World Squash Championships

Huge equipment roundup, plus video highlights, for the 2013 World Squash Championships.

Two Minutes with PSA pros

All the PSA Interviews on a single page.

Ramy Ashour – British Open Squash 2013

All the equipment used by all the players at the British Open Squash 2013.

Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium Squash Racket

This is the Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium squash racquet, a midrange offering from Dunlop.


Adidas Adizero Tee

Adidas Adizero Tee post image

As seen on James Willstrop (and others).

Head Metallix 130 Squash Racket

Here's another racket in the Head Metallix range, the Head Metallix 130. Image via amazon.com I've seen a few players on my home courts use this. I think it's a bit of an older model but a quality racket, so probably a good deal for someone looking for a decent racket but not wanting to [...]


Ramy Signs with Prince

Ramy Ashour Prince Racket

Well it's official -- Ramy Ashour has signed with Prince. Here's the promo photo, with Ramy holding his Prince Airstick 130. Of course we saw it coming when he showed up at the 2013 TOC, and then won it, with the Airstick. Thanks to Jeroen for the tip on this image.

Tournament of Champions Squash 2013

Men's squash equipment roundup from the 2013 Tournament of Champions.

Prince Airstick 130 Review

It's Ramy's racket, so there's that.

Squash World Series Finals 2013 post image

The World Series Finals are going on right now. It's an end-of-year tournament featuring the top 8 players on the PSA Tour (minus Ramy Ashour, who withdrew due to injury). You can watch the action on PSA Squash TV. One of the great things about the World Series Finals is the color of the court. [...]


It’s Baaaaaack

It’s Baaaaaack post image

Ramy's Dunlop Blackmax Titanium racket broke during yesterday's quarterfinal match with Greg Gaultier. And what did he pull out of his bag to replace it? Well see the picture above -- it looks to me like this is his previous racket, the Dunlop Biomimetic Max. He was using the racket again during his semifinal match [...]


Ramy Ashour Racket

Ramy Ashour Racket

Just adding a page dedicated to tracking the ever-elusive Ramy Ashour squash racket, which can sometimes be spotted in the wild.  Ramy is currently using the Prince Airstick 130. He started using it in 2013. Or rather, he was using this racket years ago, and reverted to it in 2013. Note: It looks like Ramy [...]

Hong Kong squash open 2012

Well, since the most popular post on this site, by far, was my recent 2012 US Open equipment roundup, I suppose I'd better follow up with an equipment roundup for the 2012 Hong Kong Squash Open.  All photos are from the official tournament photo gallery, http://www.squashsite.co.uk/hk/gallery.htm. Thank you as usual to Steve Cubbins, who I [...]

Dunlop Black Max Titanium Squash Racket

Whoa, looks like Ramy Ashour was playing with this Dunlop Blackmax Titanium at the 2012 HK Open. It's an older racket that's no longer available for sale. Here's Ramy: Photo via SquashSite Ramy is marketed by Dunlop as playing with the Dunlop Biomimetic Max, but maybe he is playing with the Dunlop Blackmax Titanium and [...]

(Almost) Every Piece of Equipment Used at the US Open Squash 2012 post image

I went through the US Open Squash 2012 photo gallery and tried to identify EVERY piece of equipment on every player.  All photos are from the usopensquash.com photo gallery. Thank you to Steve Cubbins, who I think took all these pictures for US Open Squash.s Ready? Here we go! P.S. one more thing -- if [...]


Borja Golan Squash Videos

Borja Golan squash

Borja Golan is a professional squash player from Spain. His highest PSA world ranking so far is 10. He suffered a serious knee injury in 2009, but has been climbing back up the ranks and is now back in the top 20 in the world. Picture via squash365.com PSA Squash TV "Hot Shots" video for [...]


Showdown at Symphony

Showdown at Symphony post image

"Showdown at Symphony" is a squash exhibition match put on by squash promoter John Nimick, whose company also organizes the Tournament of Champions in New York City. A court is set up in Boston's Symphony Hall for the event. The scoring format has changed a bit from year to year but usually involves matches of [...]