Salming Race R9 Mid Men – Black

Well well, it’s the Salming Race R9 Mid. It’s the first shoe I’ve seen with the Salming Race R9 brand.

Salming Race R9 Mid Men - Black
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I don’t really get the naming convention. These shoes look pretty similar to the Salming Race R1 and Race R2.

Anyway it’s important to note these are “mid” shoes, so they will be higher around the ankles. Some people will like the additional ankle support. But on a previous shoe, the Salming Race R1 Mid, one reader wrote in to say the additional height around the ankle was too bulky.

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  1. George says

    The shoes are supposed to be fantastic to wear however they have poor durability and are looking really shabby within 3 weeks of play

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Thanks George. I have the Salming Race R1 myself and I’ve found them to be very durable. I’ve never seen the R9s in action though — it may be different for them.

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