Salming Squash Shoes

Salming squash shoes burst onto the scene a few years ago and have made a big slash with their cool designs, lightweight materials, and high levels of comfort and grip. Some readers have complained the shoes are not durable, though my personal pair has lasted a year and counting.

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Here are the latest Salming 2014 / 2015 models.

Salming Race R1 2.0

Amr Shabana plays with this one. I have the Race R1 (original) and love it.

Salming Race R1 2.0 Squash Shoes

Salming Race R1 2.0 Blue

Salming Race R1 2.0 Men - Purple

Previous versions:
Salming Race R1 (Original)

Salming Race R2 2.0

The R2 is a little less expensive than the R1. A reader says one difference is the tongue on the R1 2.0 is attached to the footbed with mesh, while the R2 has a free-floating tongue.

Salming Race R2 2.0 Men - Red

Prior versions:
Salming Race R2 (Original)

Salming Race R9 Mid

This R9 is the Salming shoe with a bit more ankle support.

Salming Race R9 Mid Men - Black

Previous models:
Salming Race R1 Mid I think (it’s the original “mid” shoe from the Salming lineup)

Salming Viper

As I understand it, the Viper has a bit less cushioning in the front of the shoe, which makes it a bit lighter and more maneuverable. Adrian Grant wears these now.


Here are a couple new styles that are just coming out in 2015:



Salming X-Factor 3

An older model that’s still around.

Salming X-Factor 3 Squash Shoes

Prior versions
Salming X-Factor 2
Salming X-Factor

Salming X Lite

And here’s one more shoe, the X Lite, which Adrian Grant used to wear, but I don’t think it’s available anymore. Looks cool though. First Salming shoe I ever laid eyes on.

Salming X Lite Squash Shoes

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