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Samantha Teran

US Open Squash 2013 WSA

Women's equipment roundup from the 2013 US Open.

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Samantha Teran Squash Racket

Here are some photos of Samantha Teran's custom version of the Harrow Vapor. Photo via squash365.com Photo via http://www.oem.com.mx/esto/notas/n2869450.htm Buy (US): harrowsports.com Filed under: Squash Rackets > Harrow Squash Rackets

Hong Kong squash open 2012

Well, since the most popular post on this site, by far, was my recent 2012 US Open equipment roundup, I suppose I'd better follow up with an equipment roundup for the 2012 Hong Kong Squash Open.  All photos are from the official tournament photo gallery, http://www.squashsite.co.uk/hk/gallery.htm. Thank you as usual to Steve Cubbins, who I [...]