Women's Squash Shoes

This page tracks women's squash shoes that I’ve posted so far on Squash Source.

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Nike Court Shuttle V Women’s Squash Shoes

Hey ladies, check out the Nike Women’s Court Shuttle V in red and white. Dig the red laces.

Image via amazon.com

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Here’s one in white, with a dash of “atomic purple”, because when you play squash in these, you master the game right down to the atomic level. Seriously though, these are classy.

Nike Court Shuttle V Women White
Image via sarenza.co.uk

Here’s an affiliate link where you can buy these shoes:

Buy (UK): sarenza.co.uk

They also have this blue version:

nike court shuttle v white blue
Image via sarenza.co.uk

Here’s an affiliate link, however they only have this in one size right now. If I find this shoe at another store I will add the link.

Buy (UK): sarenza.co.uk

Here’s another good-looking version in white and pink:

Nike Court Shuttle 5 Women - White Pink
Image via estafeta.ua

Haven’t found it at my usual affiliates but it’s for sale at estafeta.ua.

Coline Aumard was wearing these in HK:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

Thanks to Jeroen Mulderij for the tip on that one!

Salming Viper Squash Shoes Men and Women

Here’s the Salming Viper. Just spotted two new models coming out in 2015. These are actually called the Salming Viper 2.0.

This one is in white and navy:

Image via squash.com.au

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I’ve also seen these in Australia at at squash.com.au.

Here’s another new Viper, in “gecko green”:

Image via squash.com.au

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Buy (US): holabirdsports.com

Also available at squash.com.au.

Here are the models that came out in 2014. I first saw these when PDH Sports posted some photos of the Salming Viper range on their Instagram account a while back, and they’re now available for purchase.

Here’s a men’s version in blue:

Salming Viper Men Blue
Image via PDH Sports Instagram

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Buy (UK): pdhsports.com

Buy (Canada): controlthet.com

Buy (US): holabirdsports.com | squashgear.com

Adrian Grant has been sporting these:

Adrian Grant 2014

And here’s a women’s version in pink & purple:

Salming Viper Women Pink
Image via PDH Sports Instagram

Buy (Canada): controlthet.com

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