Asics Squash Shoes Women

All the Asics squash shoes for women posted so far on Squash Source.

Asics Gel Flashpoint Women

The Asics Gel Flashpoint for Women. (There’s also a men’s version.)

You see the pictures and you think: whoa. But when you seem them in person (on someone with more courage) they’re pretty cool.

There are a few different styles to choose from. Pictures, and affiliate links that I can find, are below.

Asics Gel Flashpoint 2 Women

These shoes are now onto their second iteration, called the Asics Gel Flashpoint 2.

Here’s a multicolor one:

Asics Gel Flashpoint 2 Women - Multicolor

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This one’s another doozy in purple, peach and green:

Asics Gel Flashpoint 2 Women - Purple Peach Green

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Here’s one from Célia Allamargot’s Instagram:

Asics Gel Flashpoint 2 Women - Green Pink Yellow
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Haven’t found anywhere to buy this yet. You can buy this puppy now.

Here’s a product photo:

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Asics Gel Flashpoint Women (Original)

Pink / Blue / Yellow:

Asics Gel Flashpoint Women - Black Yellow Pink

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Orange / Pink / Blue:

Asics Gel Flashpoint Women - Orange PInk Blue

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Yellow / Purple / Turquoise:

Asics Gel Flashpoint - Yellow Purple Turquoise

Samantha Teran wore these at the 2014 US Open:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

Heba El Torky also wore these at the 2014 HK Open:

Photo by Squash Site

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Asics Gel Rocket 7 Women

Yo, it’s the Asics Gel Rocket 7 Women. This is a very popular shoe. You can tell by the fact that it’s on the 7th iteration.

Here’s a newish purple / magenta / fuchsia one:

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Black one:

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White one:

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Kind of a purple and green:

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White, pink and purple:

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Here’s a white and red one that I don’t have links for:


Asics Gel Sensei 5 Women

The Asics Gel Sensei 5 for women. Part of the Asics Gel Sensei Women ongoing range.

I haven’t posted this because honestly I think it’s kind of ugly. But it keeps showing up on my radar, so I’m posting it. If there are any owners out there that want to sing the praises, please leave a comment below.

Asics Gel Sensei 5 Women - White Purple Pink
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