Salming Squash Shoes Women

Here are all the Salming squash shoes for women I've posted so far.

Salming Viper Squash Shoes Men and Women

Here’s the Salming Viper, a new squash shoe from Salming for 2014.

PDH Sports posted some photos of the Salming Viper range on their Instagram account a while back, and they’re now available for purchase.

Here’s a men’s version in blue:
Salming Viper Men Blue
Image via PDH Sports Instagram

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And here’s a women’s version in pink & purple:
Salming Viper Women Pink
Image via PDH Sports Instagram

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Salming Race R5 Women’s Squash Shoes

The Salming Race R5. Salming has a unique style, that’s for sure.

Salming Race R5 Squash Shoes

Emily Whitlock was wearing these at the British Open. Here she is, peep the shoes:

Emily Whitlock
Photo: Steve Cubbins

I see has had some in stock.

Here’s the new version, the Salming Race R5 2.0 for women. Pretty cool color scheme. .

Salming Race R5 2.0 Women - Purple
Image via

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