Hi-Tec Squash Shoes Men

Hi-Tec squash shoes have been one of my favorite brands over my many years of playing squash. I've always found they hold up well during the wear-and-tear of a squash season. Like all squash shoes, they will tend to wear out in the places where you drag your feet, but I've found Hi-Tecs to be more durable than most other brands I've played with.

Hi-Tec has been around the squash scene for over 30 years. They focused in the early days on creating a squash-specific shoe, and this has translated into a strong position among squash players even to this day.

Hi Tec squash shoes are used on the pro squash tour by world #1s Nick Matthew, Amr Shabana, David Palmer, and more.

A well-loved pair of Hi-Tec Squash Shoes


They've also been some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. They feel light as you're moving around the court, while still having good shock absorption. And they're usually good-looking shoes as well. For these reasons and more, I used them for many years.

Below you'll find all the latest Hi-Tec men's squash shoes.

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Hi-Tec M302 Squash Shoes


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