Hi-Tec Squash Shoes Men

Hi-Tec squash shoes have been one of my favorite brands over my many years of playing squash. I've always found they hold up well during the wear-and-tear of a squash season. Like all squash shoes, they will tend to wear out in the places where you drag your feet, but I've found Hi-Tecs to be more durable than most other brands I've played with.

Hi-Tec has been around the squash scene for over 30 years. They focused in the early days on creating a squash-specific shoe, and this has translated into a strong position among squash players even to this day.

Hi Tec squash shoes are used on the pro squash tour by world #1s Nick Matthew, Amr Shabana, David Palmer, and more.

A well-loved pair of Hi-Tec Squash Shoes


They've also been some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. They feel light as you're moving around the court, while still having good shock absorption. And they're usually good-looking shoes as well. For these reasons and more, I used them for many years.

Below you'll find all the latest Hi-Tec men's squash shoes.

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Hi Tec Adrenalin Pro

Hi Tec Adrenalin Pro. These are from wayyy back…in 2014. I’ve also seen these advertised as “Hi Tec Ad Pro”.

Image via holabirdsports.com

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This is via squash.com.au:

We have been inundated over the past few weeks with requests for advice on tough, durable high performance squash shoes so we have done some hard looking at what is on the market right now. Our pick of the bunch is the Hi-tec Ad Pro. This shoe features a Comfort-Tec footbed and cushioned CMEVA midsole so you can stay comfortable and keep focused on the game. The non-marking gum rubber outsole provides good grip without damaging surfaces while the PU, mesh and nubuck upper ensures breathability and a supported fit. The hard rubber toe cap provides additional protection for those players who drag their foot and helps prevent the upper peeling away from the sole. At only $129 these shoes provide exceptional value for money and are your best choice for durability.

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Hi Tec Indoor Lite Men

I like the style on these Hi Tec Indoor Lite shoes for men. $55.

Hi Tec Indoor Lite Men - Gray Blue
Image via amazon.com

Apparently these shoes “include a TPU torsional shank to prevent your foot from rolling”.

I am trying to imagine what a TPU torsional shank looks like. Still trying.

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Have you tried these shoes? Please leave a review in the comments!

Hi-Tec Infinity Flare Squash Shoe

Check out these new Hi-Tec Infinty Flare styles for 2013.

They call this scheme Blue and “Tangelo”.

Hi-Tec Infinity Flare - Blue Tangelo Insole View
hi-Tec Infinity Flare - Blue Tangelo
Images via Holabird Sports

For reference, this is a tangelo:

Photo by Jerrica Merz

Anyway this tangelo fellow is Nick Matthew’s signature shoe. Here he is:

Nick Matthew 2014 British Open
Photo by Steve Cubbins

Only one problem though. As first reported over at Control the T: Nick Matthew’s Infinity Flare Hi-Tecs are actually his old Hi-Tec S701s painted to look like the new model:

Nick Matthew Custom Hi-Tecs

You can see the pattern by the pinky toe (marked with a blue arrow above) matches the S701, Nick’s longtime shoe:


Here’s the actual Infinity Flare again:

hi-Tec Infinity Flare - Blue Tangelo

Thanks to Bopper for relaying the tip. And Lauri Selänne for nearly getting it.

After word got out that out that Nick’s shoes were painted to look like a newer model, Nick responded:

Hi-Tec are perhaps the only company out there who invest time, money and resources into a shoe ESPECIALLY for squash. Asics & Adidas, to use two examples are both ‘court’ or ‘indoor’ shoes not specific to the needs of squash. It is very difficult to make a shoe which suits every foot, as we found out to our cost last year.

We are very confident in the new shoe suiting as many people as possible. And being a great product, I wouldn’t have put my name to it otherwise. My shoe has a slight tweak on the toe because of the unique nature of my foot which wouldn’t be appropriate to 99 per cent of other people. I look forward to continued success with Hi-Tec, the world’s number one squash shoe maker.”

Seems like more than just a ‘slight tweak on the toe’ to me. It’s a wholly different shoe, right?

My take is it’s a custom shoe that fits Nick’s weird foot. Yes, it’s the old S701 shape, but Hi-Tec no longer sells it, so it’s de facto custom. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m sure the golf clubs Tiger Woods plays with are not the same ones you buy in the store. Still, it might be nice if the manufacturers were more up front about this stuff. (Ahem, that includes Dunlop too.)

For their part, Hi-Tec made me laugh with their response:

Anyhow, you can buy the shoes at these affiliate links:

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Here’s the relatively uncontroversial silver-yellow-black color scheme:

Hi-Tec Infinity Flare - Silver Black Yellow
Image via Holabird Sports

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This is the 2012 model, which was actually worn on-and-off by Nick:

Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity Flare - Blue and Lime

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Here’s a video of Nick talking about the shoes. Check out the interesting pattern of the laces.

And here’s another video with Nick Matthew, this one looking more like a TV commercial.

The roar at the end of that video is a bit weird, but overall still pretty cool. I like that this shoe has its own trailer.

It’s also available in this charcoal gray color:

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Here’s Nick lunging for a ball in the finals of the 2013 Swedish Open.

Photo credit: Mikael Dunder

He’s wearing his new Hi-Tec Infinity Flare shoes. He actually started off the match wearing his old shoes, the Hi-Tec S701 4SYS. But after the first game he was treated for blisters on his feet, and when he came back on court he was wearing the Infinty Flares.

Here are a couple more photos of the Hi-Tec Infinity Flare.

Via Jordan Mansfield
Via Jordan Mansfield

Via Mike English
Via Mike English

I’ve seen a few negative reviews on the these shoes. I’ve heard they caused a “nasty blister” and are “cheaply made and uncomfortable”. Other reviewers in this forum thread came to the defense of the Infinity Flares.