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All the Mizuno squash shoes posted so far on Squash Source.

Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3 Women (Spotted on Low Wee Wern & Rachael Grinham)

Just posting these Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3 in green:

Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3 Green
Image via zalando.co.uk

Because I just saw Low Wee Wern wearing them at the US Open:


She seems to have put a bit of blue tape on the instep.

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And here’s the black and green version. Or actually black and lime as they call it:

Image via amazon.com

Rachael Grinham was wearing these at the US Open:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

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Mizuno Wave Tornado 8

Here are a few versions of the Mizuno Wave Tornado 8. These are originally designed for volleyball, but I’ve seen a few pros wearing them for squash as well, like Rachael Grinham and Low Wee Wern. I’m surprised I don’t see them more often because they look pretty badass.

Blue guy, great design:

Mizuno Wave Tornado 8 - Blue
Mizuno Wave Tornado 8 - Blue
Images via amazon.com

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Here’s a black version:

Mizuno Wave Tornado 8 Men

Here’s where you can find the men’s version of the Wave Tornado 8:

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There’s also a women’s version that looks the same but of course comes in women’s sizes. Here are some links for the women’s version:

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Here’s a white men’s version that looks cool:

Mizuno Wave Tornado 8 Men White

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Mizuno Wave Rally 4

Mizuno Wave Rally 4, another good-looking style from Mizuno. I like that black snaggletooth on the top front of the shoe. Heavens to Murgatroyd.

Mizuno Wave Rally 4 Men - White Black Red
Image via sportsshoes.com

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