Salming Squash Shoes (Men)

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Salming Race R3 Junior Squash Shoes

Hey it’s the Salming Race R3 Junior.

This one is called the Salming Race R3 2.0:

Image via

It’s the junior version of the Salming Race 1.


Here’s another variety, the Salming Race R3 in the original blue color (I have the Race R1 version of this shoe and love it.)

Image via

Salming Race R3 Reviews

I hadn’t heard about these shoes until a reader named K asked this question:

Hi Pierre, could you possibly find out about the Salming Race R3 shoes in detail? They look almost exactly like the R1s, with just different branding. They’re meant for juniors and only go up to size 7 US, whereas the regular R1s only go down to size 7.5 US. But I have tiny feet (7 US) and want to try Salming, so I’d like to have a general idea of how these are.

Derrick from gave an awesome, detailed answer:

The R3 is modeled similarly to the R1 but in junior sizes. There is a difference in materials depending on the models being compared. The R3 2.0 in yellow compared to the R1 2.0 in yellow are very similar, the black exo-skeleton material has a more matte look on the R3, and the R1 has a grippy texture at the big toe which isn’t on the R3 2.0. Compared with the other colours of the R1 2.0, the R3 2.0 has a single-material throughout the sole of the shoe, and the LMS at the bottom of the shoe is made of the same foam material as the rest of the shoe’s cushioning whereas the R1 2.0’s LMS is made of a hard plastic.

Thanks K and Derrick!

Salming Race R9 Mid Men – Black

Well well, it’s the Salming Race R9 Mid. It’s the first shoe I’ve seen with the Salming Race R9 brand.

Salming Race R9 Mid Men - Black
Image via

I don’t really get the naming convention. These shoes look pretty similar to the Salming Race R1 and Race R2.

Anyway it’s important to note these are “mid” shoes, so they will be higher around the ankles. Some people will like the additional ankle support. But on a previous shoe, the Salming Race R1 Mid, one reader wrote in to say the additional height around the ankle was too bulky.

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Salming Race R2 (Men)

Here’s the Salming Race R2 2.0 in red and green. Another cool style from Salming.

Salming Race R2 2.0 Men - Red
Image via

The naming convention is kind of weird here. We already had the Salming Race R1 and its successor, the Salming Race R1 2.0. Now this shoe here is named the Salming Race R2 2.0. But it looks pretty much the same as the Race R1 2.0. I don’t get it.

Update: Tony commented as follows:

There is a difference between R1 2.0 and R2. The tongue on the R1 2.0 is attached to the footbed with a mesh as the R2 have a free-floating tongue.

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Salming Race R2 (Original)

Ah, here’s the original “1.0” version:

Salming Race R2 - Black Green
Image via tennis-warehouse

Salming Viper Squash Shoes Men and Women

Here’s the Salming Viper, a new squash shoe from Salming for 2014.

PDH Sports posted some photos of the Salming Viper range on their Instagram account a while back, and they’re now available for purchase.

Here’s a men’s version in blue:
Salming Viper Men Blue
Image via PDH Sports Instagram

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And here’s a women’s version in pink & purple:
Salming Viper Women Pink
Image via PDH Sports Instagram

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Salming X-Factor 2 Squash Shoes

The Salming X-Factor 2. (For the more recent model, see the Salming X-Factor 3.)

Salming X-Factor 2 Squash Shoes Men
Image via

I think that’s what Welsh #1 Peter Creed is wearing in this photo. (He’s on the right…and the other guy is England’s Lewis Walters.)

Image via Peter Creed Instagram

Anyway you can still find these at

Larry Howes from Squash Unlimited said these shoes were great, once they were broken in.

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