1. D says

    So odd! Didn’t Asics just release the Blast 5 a couple of months ago? They should actually be called the Blast 4.5 since there’s no difference between the 4s and the 5s aside from a handful of new colourways.

    These do look exciting.. a complete revamp from the traditional Blast look rather than an evolution like the Blast 2 through 5. I’d like to know if they perform as well though. I’ve played with Adidas, Hi-Tec, and the Asics Domain but I keep coming back to the Blast. Can count at least 9 pairs in the past 4-5 years, minus the 3 I currently have.

    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi D – They do look exciting. It may take a while before these are available everywhere. Last year that same shop had pictures of the Gel Blade 4s up maybe 6 months before everyone else started showing them.

  2. Raul says

    Could someone please explain me what is the exact differences (Technological, Fitting & Feel differences) between ASIC’s Gel Rocket, Gel Beyond, Gel Blast, Gel Progressive, Sensei, Volley.
    Cause with so many indoor squash shoes by Asics it is kinda confusing which is for which purpose. Is there really any difference other than the design & colors of these various shoes.
    Please give details esp. regarding grip or traction on the floor, size charts & the fitting ….& if their is any technological difference among these shoes ?


    • Pierre Bastien says

      Hi Raul, the short answer is — I have no idea! And you are right it is very confusing! I think there are some technological differences between the shoes. Generally speaking, the more expensive ones are a bit more cushioned than the less expensive ones. That being said I have even seen many people comment that they are happy with the cushioning on the lower-priced shoes. So basically what it comes down to is making sure you get a pair you are comfortable with at a price you are comfortable with. Which isn’t very scientific I suppose — it’s more trial and error.

  3. Stefan says

    Having owned the Rocket, Beyond, Progressive and Blast 5 my comments are thus.
    Rocket has no forefoot Gel, feels comfy for the cheapest shoe they make but there is no doubt that it is the lowest end of the market – it feels terrible compared to the Progressive and Blast.
    The reason I can’t play in them is that there is zero protection or structure preventing the forefoot from slipping off the side of the shoe towards the outside during intense, sometimes chaotic movement. This is quite dangerous and I didn’t feel safe in them. This is the same with all of the asics low-end range. You’ll notice that as the price increases you get way more lateral protection.

    You also get forefoot gel cushioning, more cushioning over-all and a much more personalised interior fit not just due to the memory foam but also in the front of the shoe. “Fits like a glove” comes to mind.
    The Progressive and the Blast are simply the best squash shoes that asics make and they are like night and day from the low end models. I cannot overstate how big the difference is performance-wise between the range (including the low to middle range “Beyond” that looks like a throwback to 90’s technology).
    I have never found fault with the grip level of any asics court shoes but I give a definitive advantage to the Progressive and Blast.

    It’s important to acknowledge that not everyone requires the level of comfort and cushioning that I do – I’m protecting my knees.

    I would say that the lateral movement of the forefoot slipping off of the shoe base is one reason to upgrade – if you don’t tend towards this then the second reason is comfort/cushioning – forefoot gel and memory foam – mmmmm.
    Hope this helps….

    • Brock in HK says

      Helpful comparison of the various Asics options. Good detail on the differences between the level of cusion and lateral support. That’s the kind of detail that helps people make informed decisions, especially your reasoning for why you picked certain models. Much appreciated!

  4. Geoff says

    Wow what a great comment by Stefan.
    This help me made a great decision as I was choosing between three models of Asics indoor shoes.
    I ended up getting Hyper Rushing 4 , an Asics japanese top end model that to me, was much better than the Rocket when I tried them on at the store in Hong Kong. I felt that the Asics Rocket was a little too high off the ground, and I felt a bit of lateral wobble of my feet in the shoe, which isn’t good when you have to change directions in milliseconds in a game situation.

    The Asics Hyper Rushing 4, however, provided me a much more grounded feel and this way I had more control over my own feet balance. Despite the huge price differences, I chose the more premium shoe as I am worried about twisting my ankles in the game with shoe that didn’t feel as stable.

  5. Mike says

    Quick correction – New Rocket 7s have forefront gel cushioning now.

    I agree, there is a bit of wobble with the rockets but I prefer the lightweight feel. With Blasts, I felt like I was carrying lead weights.

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