Spotted: Sarah-Jane Perry with Pro Beast 750

Here’s Sarah-Jane Perry doing something impossible with her wrist:

Sarah-Jane Perry 2014 British Open
Photo by Steve Cubbins

SJ’s got the new Prince Pro Beast 750 (“Ramy’s new racket”, though I haven’t seen him use it yet).

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  • And Nicol David seems to be using the new Prince Pro Rebel 950 at the British Open…
    Ramy appears to be still using the old Airstick 130 in black/gold at the British Open…. maybe he’s got a big bag full of them and thought “waste not want not”, so thought he’d work his way through them before switching over to the Pro Beast… I get the feeling he plays with what he wants to, rather than what the Prince hierarchy tells him…

    • Yes she was! And I think you’re right about Ramy – he’s admitted (I forget where) he’s not the easiest for the racket companies to deal with :)


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