Squash Equipment in the White Pigeon Squash Song

Here is a squash equipment roundup from the White Pigeon rock anthem, Don’t Get Too Close (Squash Song). If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it:

Here are some screenshots of the video. Let’s have a look at their equipment, as best I can make it out. Let me know if the comments if you have any corrections!

Harrow Vapor White

Harrow Vapor White | Tecnifibre Dynergy Tour Kickstep 125 | Head Metallix Drive

Head Xenon 135 CT

Head Metallix Drive

White Pigeon will be playing Saturday night at the 2013 British National Championships.

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  • Hey guys! Just a quick note to say we loved your equipment round-up! I think that’s gotta be a first! \m/ If you haven’t been yet, check out our site (www.whitepigeonrocks.com) album is out March 21st available from the site or iTunes!
    Cheers, WP x


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