Squash Grips

Squash Grips. They do something basic, but important — they help you hold onto your racket, even when you are sweating profusely.

Your racket will come with a stock factory grip. You can put an overgrip on top of that, to help with sweat absorption, or to increase the size of the grip and make the racket feel more comfortable in your freakishly large hands.

You can also buy a replacement grip. In this case you remove the factory grip and put on the replacement grip instead.

I generally only use overgrips. My favorite has always been Tourna Grip. Here’s a video review I did of Tourna Grip, along with a brief tutorial on how to grip a squash racket.

I don’t use replacement grips too often but I’d have to guess the #1 brand of replacement squash grips is Karakal PU Super Grip. Tons of pros use Karakal.

Picking a grip is a very personal matter. Obviously, you need your squash racket to feel comfortable in your hands. So experiment with different squash grips and see what works best for you and your freakishly large paws.

Here are some other grip brands to consider. Some of these pages have both overgrips and replacement grips.

Oh, one more thing. Want to see the grip Ramy Ashour used to win the World Championships? Sure you do. Here it is:

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  1. bygagabog says

    Almost all Ukraine players using Karakal grip its #1 grip in our country and its really good grip.
    But now i found for my self new grip its – Ashaway , not popular in our country, nobody sell, but i want to say that i like more then karakal. So who like to try i will advice to buy next time.
    But i cannout undesrtand why offical website of Ashaway not provide this producst? can see only strings

  2. Brock in HK says

    In my book, the only grip to use is the Karakal PU in yellow. All the other colors have different performance characteristics, especially the green, which tends to slip around for some reason. I would love to use green, as it’s a cool color to have on your squash racquet, but the yellow grips perform best and most consistently, and you can get them by the box.

    My racquet gripping technique is to start with the raw racquet handle, and then use wraps of head protection tape (the clear stuff by Gamma – usually for tennis, but good for squash too) and overwraps to get to the desired base thickness. The top layer before putting on the final grip should be a layer of the head protection tape, which provides a smooth surface for the grip to adhere to, while also allowing for a clean removal of the top grip when it becomes worn.

  3. Rod Foster says

    I’m w/ Pierre i tend to only do overgrips as well

    i’ve tried a lot and really love the Wilson overgrip and comes in a ton of colors and really feel the wilson should be listed here as they’re a wonderful affordable overgrip.

    currently i’m using tourna grip and like that as well …so, between those two i got it covered.

    i’ve tried karakal as far as a replacement grip and really love them…very tacky and seem to not be affected too badly by sweat

    that said i had just purchased a six pack and using those…and then putting the tourna grip over it…really like the feel of that combo.

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