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Here are some great squash news sites from around the world. For a while I was posting news links here on Squash Source, but after a few months of doing this, I’ve decided I’m not adding much value beyond what these other great sites are already doing, so I’m going to stop aggregating squash news and promote these other sites instead.

The site I use the most is called Based out of the UK (I think), it provides comprehensive, ongoing news coverage of professional, world junior, and European squash. Importantly, this site provides an RSS feed. This is how I like to get all my news, so it’s very valuable to me, but others may not care. is actually an offsoot of another squash site called…SquashSite! SquashSite has been doing squash news coverage for years and years. They have a better visual layout that, so some people may prefer this.

Another great site is Based out of the US, they provide links to most every squash news article posted around the world, including pro squash, world juniors, US college squash, US hardball squash doubles, and more. They also do some of their own reporting.

One more source to check out is the PST E-zine. This is a weekly email newsletter put out by the Pro Squash Tour, an upstart US-based pro tour that is separate from the establishment PSA World Tour. The PST E-Zine has a good sense of humor and is great for people who’d like their news in a weekly email digest.

There are also tons of squash blogs out there on the Internet. One day, I’ll post a big list of them, but for now you can check out this list on

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