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Qatar Classic 2013 Squash Equipment Report

Mohamed El Shorbagy won the 2013 Qatar Classic — his first major PSA tournament victory — beating Nick Matthew in a tense 5 gamer.

Here are my equipment notes from the event. I’ve also included all the PSA Squash TV video roundups at the bottom.

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Two Minutes with Top Squash Players from the PSA

PSA Squash TV is posting short videos interviews with some of the top squash players on the PSA.

I’ll repost them all on this page. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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Palmer – Lincou Full Match Replay [PST]

The Pro Squash Tour posted this full match replay of the final of the 2013 Cleveland Classic, between David Palmer and Thierry Lincou.

The first game is pretty error-filled, but the rest of the match is great. Interesting to see how often Palmer puts topspin on his shots. I also like how Lincou throws in plenty of working drops.

Video of Willstrop and Matthew From the Front Wall

Thanks to Daily Squash Report for linking to Steve Cubs’ video of James Willstrop and Nick Matthew at the 2013 British Nationals. Nick Matthew won the match in 3 to become 5-time British national champ.

It’s a rare treat to watch an extended squash video from the front wall like this. Enjoy:

Update: Steve also captured the epic fifth game of the finals between Laura Massaro and Alison Waters, which Alison won to become 3-time British national champion: