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Free Squash Video Clips

The best squash videos are on PSA Squash TV, but there are also tons of good free squash video clips. Whenever I find one, I’ll post it here!

2013 Qatar Classic Squash

Equipment recap for the Qatar Classic, which Mohamed El Shorbagy won in a thriller.

Two Minutes with PSA pros

All the PSA Interviews on a single page.

Cleveland Classic 2013

Video: Full match replay from 2013 Cleveland Classic.

Illingworth / Rosner Mega Rally

A brutal rally between Julian Illingworth and Simon Rosner.


Thanks to Daily Squash Report for linking to Steve Cubs' video of James Willstrop and Nick Matthew at the 2013 British Nationals. Nick Matthew won the match in 3 to become 5-time British national champ. It's a rare treat to watch an extended squash video from the front wall like this. Enjoy: Update: Steve also [...]


Carol Weymuller Open

Carol Weymuller Squash

The Carol Weymuller Open is a WSA World Tour event held at the Heights Casino Club in Brooklyn, New York. It usually gets a great turnout from the top women. The 2012 winner was Laura Massaro in 3 games over last year's winner, Raneem El Weleily. Recap from SquashSite. Check out this USTREAM channel for [...]


Playing Parth Sharma

Parth Sharma

Last night I played Parth Sharma, former Trinity Squash #2, in a local league match. I managed to get a few points off him, but he pretty much casually swatted me away like I was a pesky mosquito. Parth is originally from India and, after his stint at Trinity, is now a coach at the [...]


British Grand Prix Squash 2012

British Grand Prix Squash 2012 post image

In the 2012 installment of the British Grand Prix, Nick Matthew overcame a game James Willstrop in the finals 3-1. Photo via SquashTV You can catch the full replays on PSA Squash TV or read about the final on DailySquashReport. Here are some of the highlight videos... Recap of James and Nick in the finals: James Willstrop [...]


Borja Golan Squash Videos

Borja Golan squash

Borja Golan is a professional squash player from Spain. His highest PSA world ranking so far is 10. He suffered a serious knee injury in 2009, but has been climbing back up the ranks and is now back in the top 20 in the world. Picture via squash365.com PSA Squash TV "Hot Shots" video for [...]


Nick Matthew Squash Videos

Nick Matthew Squash Videos post image

Nick Matthew first reached #1 in the world rankings in June, 2010. He has won the World Open twice and the British Open three times. I think it's about time I created a videos and links page for the man from Sheffield, no? Image via SquashSite Forehand kills against Peter Barker: Nick Matthew vs Ramy [...]

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Azlan Iskandar Squash Videos

Azlan Iskandar Squash Videos post image

Photo via SquashSite First Thierry Lincou retires, and now Malaysian Mohd Azlan Iskandar follows suit. As a relative newcomer to following pro squash, I never got to see him play much. Here are some videos of him in action. Versus James Willstrop: Another versus Willstrop: Against Saurav Ghosal. They're hitting so crisply, surely they've sped [...]


Thierry Lincou Squash Videos

Thierry Lincou

Thierry Lincou just announced his retirement from the PSA World Tour. The Frenchman was a former PSA World #1, and World Open champ in 2004. That salt and pepper hair. Those knee-high socks. That forehand. Here are some Lincou videos for posterity. Top picture via squash365.com Update: Monsieur Lincou recently joined the Pro Squash Tour, [...]

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James Willstrop Squash Videos

James Willstrop Squash Videos post image

James Willstrop first reached #1 in the PSA World Tour world squash rankings in January 2012. He hails from Yorkshire, England. He's a vegetarian and has written a book, Shot and a Ghost, chronicling a year on the professional squash tour. He's also a damn fine squash player. Photo by Jordan Mansfield for PSA World [...]


Amr Shabana Videos

Amr Shabana of Egypt is one of the greats of squash, reaching #1 on the PSA World Tour and winning the World Open 4 times. In this interview, Amr Shabana talks about different greats of the game of squash and how skills and tactics evolve over time. Shabana says he modeled his game after a [...]


Nick Matthew won the British Open squash championships 2012 in three tight games over Ramy Ashour, who couldn't quite muster one of his trademark comebacks. Ramy had been down 1-0 against James Willstrop in the semis, before putting together one of the most outrageous 3 game stretches of squash that I've ever seen. Here's the [...]


Egypt's Ramy Ashour prevailed over England's James Willstrop in 2 1/2 games to win the 2012 El Gouna International, a top PSA World Tour event. This was the first PSA tournament to be held in Egypt since the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Ramy avenged his recent loss against Willstrop in the 2012 North American Open. Ramy won a tense first game [...]