Squash World Championship 2012

Honestly the 2012 PSA World Championships were just non-stop ridiculously good squash.

The semi-final between Mohamed El Shorbagy and James Willstrop was probably the most exciting match I’ve ever watched, and the final between Shorbagy and Ashour was almost as thrilling.

You can watch all the replays on PSA Squash TV. You MUST watch all the replays on PSA Squash TV. You have to subscribe, but it’s so worth it. The only downside of subscribing is you might hit your jaw on the floor, over and over, from watching these guys play (and the girls too).

Here’s one insane rally from the final:

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  1. Jeroen Mulderij says

    I just read that Ramy injured his hamstring in the third round and he still won the World Open just unbelievable. Maybe not smart, now he cannot compete in the World Series finals!

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