Squash Strings

I don't know too much about squash strings, though I'm trying to learn more. Basically, to get more power, string at a lower tension or use thinner string (but more power means less control). For a lot more about strings, check out this article, this article or these articles.

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase Red Squash String

Just realizing I never posted Tecnifibre X-One Biphase Red (1.18). I actually played with this for a little while last year, until my racket broke. I liked it well enough, though I didn’t have an orgasmic reaction to it.

Image via tecnifibre.com

I think this is the same string, just the prior packaging:

Image via amazon.com

And I think this is ALSO the same string, with yet another package variation:

Image via holabirdsports.com

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Tecnifibre X-One Biphase Red Reviews

Here’s what Paul from PDH has to say:

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Tecnifibre 305+ Squash Strings

The Tecnifibre 305+ strings are meant to be a balanced blend of power and control. Tecnifibre supposedly took the power of their 305 strings and merged it with the control of their X-One Biphase, creating one superstring, a creature of power and grace, like the mighty Pegasus.

Image via unicornland

But instead, the terrifying reality is more complicated. One reader said the 305+ 1.1 string “felt tight and hard” (that’s what she said), and another said “it was too stiff for my liking” (that’s what she said). On the plus side, this string is played by current world #3 Mohamed El Shorbagy and former world #1 Thierry Lincou.

Tecnifibre 305+ 1.1 Black Squash Strings
Image via holabirdsports.com

Buy (US): holabirdsports.com

Buy (UK): sweatband.com

There’s also a Tecnifibre 305+ in 1.2mm size (17 gauge). Here are two different package styles I’ve seen, but they’re both the same product:

Image via tecnifibre.com

Image via amazon.co.uk

Buy (US): amazon.com

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk

Buy (Canada): controlthet.com

According to Tecnifibre’s Website, there’s also a 1.3mm (16 Gauge) version of the 305+, but I can’t find an image of it anywhere (even on Tecnifibre’s Website).