Tecnifibre 305+ Squash Strings

The Tecnifibre 305+ strings are meant to be a balanced blend of power and control. Tecnifibre supposedly took the power of their 305 strings and merged it with the control of their X-One Biphase, creating one superstring, a creature of power and grace, like the mighty Pegasus.

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But instead, the terrifying reality is more complicated. One reader said the 305+ 1.1 string “felt tight and hard” (that’s what she said), and another said “it was too stiff for my liking” (that’s what she said). On the plus side, this string is played by current world #3 Mohamed El Shorbagy and former world #1 Thierry Lincou.

Tecnifibre 305+ 1.1 Black Squash Strings
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There’s also a Tecnifibre 305+ in 1.2mm size (17 gauge). Here are two different package styles I’ve seen, but they’re both the same product:

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Buy (US): amazon.com

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk

Buy (Canada): controlthet.com

According to Tecnifibre’s Website, there’s also a 1.3mm (16 Gauge) version of the 305+, but I can’t find an image of it anywhere (even on Tecnifibre’s Website).

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  1. Chip Harlow says

    Actually love this string. Had used Ashaway Powernick and Ultranick 18g and switched to this. Strung at 28.

  2. Ben says

    Hi everyone, I use this string in my prince airstick 130, i have posted a review of it on the 305 string, and i will get my prince rebel strung at 27ibs with this string next week, got to say it’s GREAT!

  3. David says

    I played with the 1.2mm strings for a few months and I have to say, they are really difficult to play with. I strung it with 27lbs and there was little feel on the ball. There is amazing power but it makes it harder to control and the power slowly goes dies after a while.

    I played with biphase 1.18 and I found that so much better. It’s too bad the durability is so low and so expensive. I’m going to try the Powernick 18 and hopefully that will be my string of choice =)

    • Nektarios Katikas says

      I play this string with my Technifibre 130 and i have to say i tend to agree to the feeling you just mentioned. Because I have only been using this racket for a weeks, at the beginning i thought it might have been the racket but I am afraid that it is the string. The weird part is that this racket comes already with the 305+ 1,2 so i am a bit reluctant to change it so I am considering to restring the same one at less lbs and if this doesn’t work then probably try the 305+ 1,1.

      Of course my last option would be to work to use green 305, which i liked with my previous racket.

      • David says

        You’d have to give it a few more weeks. After all, 305+ isnt a cheap string. Some people love it after getting used to it. Unfortunately it’s just not for me.

        • Nektarios Katikas says

          Thank you David. I have two identical rackets with the same string. My plan is to use one of them a lot and when time comes to change the string then i experiment o and i see which one i like best. But I do agree i feel the string is one which needs time to get used to before deciding. Quick question as I am from Greece and not familiar with the expression. When you say it dies, what do we mean?

    • Nektarios Katikas says

      Hi David,

      One quick question as I am experimenting on the 305+ 1.2 sting tensions. You said you tried at 27lbs and you were not happy. Did you have chance to try on this string another tension? I tried 22.2 lbs and 24,3 lbs. For the 22,3lbs I did not like at all and there was not such a difference in power. As for the 24,3 lbs i felt it being better more control and the power was there. Didn’t feel that it that stiff but I am already using this string for 3 months now and i think i am used to its stiffness.

  4. David says

    Oh it just means I lose power over time as you hit many balls. It happens with all strings. This string I noticed a sudden decrease in power after a few weeks. My lazy grammar.

    • Nektarios Katikas says

      Thank you v much. Take care. I shall come back with more updates as I use the string and the racket of course.

  5. Simon says

    Hey guys,

    i’m using the 305+ 1.2 since it comes out with the carboflex 125. The string is very durable and generates lot of power. When you get used to it you won’t play another one :)

    My String Tension on the carboflex 125 was lenght 13 kg and the cross sites with 12 kg.
    Because of a sponsorship i changed to the Oliver Supralight and put the 305+ 1.2 on my new racket. It is still very comfortable and i use the same string tension.

    For me it is one of the best strings on the market, but it’s very expensive.

    • Nektarios Katikas says

      Hi Simon,

      I see that you have use different tension for cross and lenths. does it actually work better this way? I have seen this only on prince rackets that have a small throat (hybrid in between tear drop shale and throat).

      Another question have you experimented your self in lower tensions on the 305+ with the technifibre racket? I have tried (probably silly of me) 22.2 lbs (10 kgm) on my 130 carbonflex racket and 24.3lbs (11 kgm) on my other carbonflex 130 racket.

      The feeling on the 22.2 lbs is that it is rather num and cant control the ball very much and wasnt impressed witht he power. on the 24.3 lbs the same power with a bit more control . have you had a chance to do the same? Should i go for higher you think? This is the first time since i bought them that i re-string them.

      Any one else having any thoughts on this please do share!

      Thank you

  6. raja says

    hi there .. i will be needing a bit of advice from u guys .. i m buying technifiber carboflex 125 from a nearby store.. but the racket is having x one biphase strings strug to it .. so has anyone tried these biphase strings ? and how are these atrings compared to 305+

    • David says

      305+ has a very stiff feeling. Very powerful but haven’t been able to get the control right. You need to be persistent with this string until it works. I know it works for many people but unfortunately it doesn’t for me. In a while the feeling tends be stale and I lose power in my shots.

      I’m currently using the Biphase and it has a softer feeling with great control and power (less powerful than 305+). It basically can do everything. I find that my performance increases once the strings start to fray (crosses has some fuzz which gives more grip to the ball I guess). Biphase is more expensive though and durability is much lower than 305+.

  7. Yann says

    I was used the original 305 in 1,20 on all my rackets but my Carboflex 125S came with the 305+, so instead of scrapping the string right away I decided to give it a try.

    And boy what a revelation.

    At first it felt very stiff, way too stiff in fact, an impression shared with almost every player who tried my racket. I almost sent it for a restring as my elbow was starting to complain.
    Laziness got in the way and 2 weeks after my first impression that string had finally settled: jackpot. It’s… silky smooth.
    In the long run the 305 Original may very well be a bit sharper, but it’s harder to tame and quite unforgiving. The 305+ is delicate in comparison, and feels a bit more powerful, but that might be the Carboflex doing its thing.
    I tried both the 305 and the 305+ on the same day and I had a hard time telling one from the other, no joke, it’s really close, especially when the 305+ is brand new.
    But give it some time and the 305+ becomes its own string, not some 305 heir, it’s totally different, and a lot more enjoyable for regular players looking for a bit of comfort.

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