Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Squash Racket

The Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 squash racket has been used by Nour El Sherbini of Egypt on the WSA World Tour and Miguel Angel Rodriguez and Omar Mosaad on the PSA World Tour.

Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Squash Racket

Here’s Miguel Rodriguez:

Photo: usopensquash.com

Also, Henrik Mustonen and Joe Lee both use this. Here’s Henrik:

henrik mustonen
Photo: Steve Cubbins

Here’s Joe (in the background):
joe lee
Photo: Steve Line

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The Carboflex 130 is made of Graphite (boring) and Basaltex™ (exciting) technology. What’s Basaltex™, you ask? Well, according to the Basaltex website, this seems to mean products made of basalt. In case you didn’t know, that’s cooled-off lava.

That’s right: if you play with this racket, you can say your racket is made from lava. Why is that good? Well for starters, you can say your racket is made from lava. But in addition, if you are ever playing squash and the court becomes covered with red-hot molten lava, your racket will be more likely to survive than your opponent’s racket.

If you are really keen on lava-based rackets, you may also want to check out the Wilson Tour BLX.

Here is Mohamed El Shorbagy using his Carboflex 130 in an insanely long rally against Peter Barker, who happens to use the Wilson Tour BLX. In case you aren’t paying attention, this means both players are using rackets made of lava! Unfortunately the court did not flood with lava during this point, so we are not able to witness the high melting point of these rackets, but we are nevertheless treated to an exceptional squash point:

Note: Mohamed El Shorbagy has since switched to the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125.

And here is Nour El Sherbini, on fire, with the 2011 version of this racquet:

Photo by Jordan Mansfield for Squash TV

Here’s a big picture of the 2011 version:

You can still buy the 2011 version at these stores:

Buy (US / Canada): amazon.com

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk pdhsports.com

Racket specs
Name: Tecnifibre Carboflex 130
Colors: White/Red/Black
Manufacturer: Tecnifibre Squash
Weight: Light (130 grams)
Balance: Neutral

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  • Would you choose this or the prince exo3 rebel? both strung with 305 green 25lbs

    • Hi Derek,

      Thanks for visiting Squash Source. Sorry but I haven’t used either racket myself so I can’t really say which is better.


    • Probably a bit late but still, I would recommend the tecnifibre carboflex 130 if you have a budget of £90 or $150, because it comes with some of my favorite strings (305+) and provides power, control and maneuverability, as a good junior player, this world be good because it is a high to mid price racket but is good value for money as no need for string upgrade also this is a very durable racket so i would only buy one because they last years also you can get the 2011 version for a really good price, meaning it is even better value for money but it would need a string upgrade. Despite the fact it comes with tecnifibre x-one biphase, as all the tension has gone from the strings making the useless.
      Also the Prince Rebel one of my favorite rackets is a better choice if you want a more developed racket/higher tec. This also provides better control but not as great power, I believe this is because of the strings, as the 305+ is a power string, and the most developed string in the world; also it has a larger sweet spot due to the EXO3 technology, plus the bonus of more racket head speed. However the Prince Rebel is not as durable, also it is more expensive but in my opinion it is a better overall racket. To conclude they are both pretty similar however the prince is more expensive than the tecnifibre, so it depends what your budget is.

  • Now its also being used by World #9 Omar Mosaad.

    • Nice catch Sandeep, thanks! I will update soon.


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