Tecnifibre Carboflex 140 Basaltex Squash Racket

Here’s an updated version of the Tecnifibre Carboflex 140. I think this may have come out a while ago but I am just getting to it now.

Tecnifibre Carboflex 140, 2013 model
Image: holabirdsports.com

This guy is 140 grams (medium weight) and has an even balance point at 35.5 cm.

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Here’s the 2012 version of the racket, which I originally posted in honor of Thierry Lincou‘s retirement from the PSA Tour:

Tecnifibre Carboflex 140 Review

Like the Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 and the Wilson Tour BLX, this is made of basalt, which is just cooled off lava. Hot. This will come in handy if you are playing squash in the foothills of Pompeii, or just around the corner from Mount St. Helens.

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Thierry Lincou

Egypt’s Omar Mosaad also rolls with the Carboflex 140:

Omar Mosaad

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  1. Gene Gobus says

    Hi, perhaps worth mentioning is the newer model of the Carboflex 140. The 2012/2013 multiaxial with a slightly thicker shaft.

    Kind regards,

  2. George says

    Met the legend that is lincou the other day and managed to watch him play. He put his racquet in for re-string in our shop and it definitely isn’t a 140 it felt like nothing. Thierry’s still got it though. (And signature racquets)


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