Tecnifibre Suprem 125 Squash Racket

Here’s the Tecnifibre Suprem 125, which is new in the Tecnifibre range this year:

Tecnifibre Suprem 125
Image via tecnifibre.com

Racket Info

Weight: Light (125 grams)
Balance: Head-Heavy (36 cm)
Head Size: Large (500 cm2)
Released: 2014

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Tecnifibre Suprem 125 Reviews

I took this guy for a spin the other day. Honestly, I didn’t really like it. I felt lots of vibration in the frame, and I wasn’t able to get much feel on my shots. I liked the Tecnifibre Suprem 130 much better.

Tecnifibre Suprem 125
Image by Squash Source

Here’s what Paul “Suprem” Hargrave had to say about this racket (and how it compares to the other 2014 Tecnifibre rackets). He says it’s very maneuverable but it did take him a while to get a feel for the racket.

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  1. John cushway says

    I’ve had this 125 since it first came out and love it. It helped me back in to squash after a very painful shoulder injury that lasted at least 3 months. I’ve not played as much as I would have liked in the last 3 months but at least once a week. However I do have a moan. It has two cracks close to one another on the top part of the frame. Gutted I am. I reckon it’s weakened by shaving of 5 gms.
    So if you didn’t like your test one would you let me take it off your hands???
    I live in saffron walden. Any good??

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