Palmer – Lincou Full Match Replay [PST]

The Pro Squash Tour posted this full match replay of the final of the 2013 Cleveland Classic, between David Palmer and Thierry Lincou.

The first game is pretty error-filled, but the rest of the match is great. Interesting to see how often Palmer puts topspin on his shots. I also like how Lincou throws in plenty of working drops.

Thierry Lincou Squash Videos

Thierry Lincou

Thierry Lincou just announced his retirement from the PSA World Tour. The Frenchman was a former PSA World #1, and World Open champ in 2004. That salt and pepper hair. Those knee-high socks. That forehand. Here are some Lincou videos for posterity.

Top picture via

Update: Monsieur Lincou recently joined the Pro Squash Tour, so we haven’t seen the last of him yet!


The “Waltz” video. I love this video. When you watch in slow motion you really see the deception these players use, and the constant changes in direction that they have to make.

And now at regular speed, the 2009 Super Series Finals vs Gregory Gaultier. This video starts off with an extended camera view from behind the front wall, which is an excellent way to view squash.

Lincou vs. Ramy Ashour in 2009.

Thierry vs. Olli Tuominen in a 2011 exhibition match. Too bad you don’t speak Finnish. The action starts at 1:55.

Battling Amr Shabana in the 2011 US Open Squash: