Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 Squash Racket

Here’s the Wilson Hyper Hammer 120 PH. The PH stands for Power Holes, because everybody knows holes give you power.

Here’s a black version:.

Wilson Hyper Hammer 120
Image via amazon.com

Weight: 120 grams
Balance: Head-heavy

Paul from PDH Sports says this is “light but head heavy” and has “good power”.

It’s relatively inexpensive, so that’s cool.

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Here’s another version, same racket in Blue:

Image via PDH Sports

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  1. Ben says

    Hi everyone, this racket is used by alot of juniors, and most buy it in bulk because it is about £40 or $90. The strings are quite good but have no tension in them so to get the best out of the racket get new strings! Also the factory string can break easily. The grip need a new grip on the racket straight away, depends on how thick you want the grip too be. But as Paul from PDH says it has good power and control also this racket is strong/durable which helps if you have just started off playing squash, or want a cheap good racket you can buy in bulk. you could also try the Dunlop Blackstrom Titanium which is mainly the same for price and power.

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