Wilson Hyper Hammer 145 Squash Racket

The Wilson Hyper Hammer 145 is 145 grams and head-heavy. It’s a heavier version of the similarly-shaped Wilson Hyper Hammer 120.

Here’s the 2013 / 2014 version of the racket:

Wilson Hyper Hammer 145 Squash Racket
Image via amazon.com

Though the frames appear to be the same shape, a reviewer on Amazon noted that this new Hyper Hammer “lacks the punch” of the 2012 version.

Buy (US): amazon.com

Buy (UK): amazon.co.uk | pdhsports.com | sweatband.com

Here’s the 2012 version in black:

Wilson Hyper Hammer 145 Squash Racket 2012
Image via amazon.com

One Amazon reviewer says “this is an excellent racquet, combining power, feel and balance”. Another says “it has helped me to beat Neumann Kingsley numerous times”, which sounds pretty satisfying.

Buy (US): amazon.com | squashgear.com

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