Wilson Ripper BLX Squash Racket

The Wilson Ripper BLX is a new version of the Wilson Ripper. I’m not sure whether to rip my opponent to shreds, or just read a bodice-ripper.

Wilson Ripper BLX 2014 Squash Racket
Image via rebelsport.co.nz

Looks like it’s only available in New Zealand at the moment!

Thanks to Joe Magor from CM Stringers for the tip.

Here’s Nicolas Mueller, sporting this racket at the 2014 El Gouna Open:

Image via Steve Cubbins

Prior to that, Mueller was using the Wilson Tour BLX.

Wilson BLX Ripper (2013 version)

Here’s the previous model of the Wilson Ripper. Get it while you can.

Wilson Ripper BLX 2013 Squash Racket
Image via sweatband.com

Racket Specs

Weight: Medium (135 grams)
Balance: Head light (34 cm)
Head Size: Medium (487 cm2)

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