Adidas Court Stabil 10.1 Shoes

MMM, yes, the Adidas Court Stabil 10.1. Similar in style to the Adidas Adipower Stabil 10.1, but less expensive. See below for some different styles and affiliate links.

Black and blue:


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Tarek wears these:

Tarek Momen 2014
Image via SquashSite

The green guy. Ribbit:

Adidas Court Stabil 10.1 Squash Shoes - Men's Green
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Here’s Omar Mosaad:

Photo by Steve Cubbins

Here’s the blue guy:

Adidas Court Stabil 10.1 Blue
Product image via

What’s that? Why yes, it IS was available frickin’ everywhere.

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Here’s another style, which is NOT available frickin’ everywhere:

adidas court stabil 10.1 white blue green
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And here’s the black version, which I found in Germany, plus a couple pairs in the UK:

Adidas Court Stabil 10.1 - Black
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Adidas Court Stabil 10.1 Reviews

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  1. Tony says

    I’ve tried them on and they have a wider toe-box than the Salming R1 2.0, but they feel a little shorter. Nice color, stiff shoe, not too heavy. I will not be using them as I prefer the fit of my Gel-Blast 4 and Gel-Blade 3. They are a little bulky feeling in comparison to the others I mentioned.

  2. Jonny says

    These are great squash shoes…. Unfortunately I’m through my second pair in 7 months! They need to sort out the stitching at the front, otherwise perfect!

  3. Madelman says

    what are the differences between this one and the adipower stabil?
    Appart from the mi coach and the price

    • Zsolt says

      Adidas shoes have 3 Stabil types: Stabil Essence ( entry level, low cushioning, lowest price), Stabil Court (mid range – more expensive, better cushioning and support) and Stabil adipower (top of the range , best cushioning, most expensive, place for training sensors under sole, this model is usually worn by most professional athletes as it’s top tier in Adidas products). I played in these, my opinion: support is ok, good grip, cushioning is acceptable. If you like to “feel” the floor then this is perfect to you

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