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Hi, my name is Pierre Bastien and I’m the resident squash hack here at Squash Source.

This site is mostly about squash equipment. Sometimes I write about my struggles to get better at squash, but usually I post about squash rackets, squash shoes, and other equipment. I’m not an expert on squash equipment, but I enjoy learning about it and posting about it, and the police haven’t stopped me yet, so I persist.

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I’ve been playing squash since I was about 13 years old, when my dad got me into it. Since then, I played on the varsity teams at Exeter and Princeton. I stopped playing for a few years after college, because I was burned out. But eventually, I needed some exercise, and I picked up squash again. I joined a New York City squash league and eventually became captain of my team there. Later, I moved to Philadelphia and joined the league here. I currently captain the renowned* A team at the Philadelphia Squash Club.

I’d wanted to create a site about squash for many years. I had a “trial” site up and running for a while, but I never posted that much. In 2011, the US Open was played in my adopted city of Philadelphia, and I didn’t go see any of the matches. I did have some excuses (young children) but mostly I felt pretty embarrassed. So I dedicated myself to writing about squash in the hopes I’d get into the game a bit more.

And it kind of worked! I went to the 2012, 2013 and 2014 US Opens. I watch Squash TV. I recognize pro squash players on the street. Or I would, if they were walking on my street.

I have some modest business goals for this site. I’ve put up some ads, and you’ll often see links to buy the products you see on this site. Those are affiliate links, usually. That means if you end up buying something, I’ll get a (small) referral fee. Hopefully it’s a win-win-win situation — I help people find cool squash equipment, help some retailers find new customers, and make a little money writing about squash. (If you’re a retailer interested in working with me as an affiliate, please get in touch.)

And if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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*Team not actually renowned