Squash Bags

Squash bags — they hold yer stuff. There are a few types of squash bags you may be interested in:

Shoulder Bags — The standard bag, big enough to enclose your rackets and generally worn slung over the shoulder. Sometimes they also have backpack straps if you want to carry the bag that way, or handles if you want to carry it more like a duffel bag, but generally speaking they are all that large, over-the-shoulder size.

Squash Backpacks — These are slightly smaller than the shoulder bags, more like a regular-sized backpack (as the name implies), where the racket handle sticks out the back of the bag to save space.

Squash Duffel Bags — If you are down with the rounded duffel bag style.

Squash Travel Bags — For bringing your gear on airplanes and stuff.

For fun, check out the What’s in your bag? page, where you can see photos submitted by readers showing what’s in their bag. Of course, you can submit a photo of your own bag, too!

Shoulder Bags


Black Knight:





Squash Backpacks





Squash Duffel Bags

Duffel bags roundup:

Squash Travel Bags

So far just seen this Wilson travel bag:

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  1. Brock in HK says

    The Wilson backpack models are quite spacious. Highly recommended! The main compartment is very spacious, and the more cube-like shape makes it easier to keep packing stuff in there. The shoulder bags, even with backpack straps on them, have long, slender compartments for your non-racquet gear, which is much more difficult to pack.

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