Adidas Opticourt Ligra 2 Shoes Men

The Adidas Opticourt Ligra 2 shoes. If you’re looking for a conservative style this might be good. Relatively inexpensive at the moment.

Mostly-white version:

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There’s also this black version. I didn’t like these at first, but they are growing on me:

Adidas Opticourt Ligra 2 Men - Black
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Ramy was wearing these at the HK Open:

Ramy Ashour

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Here’s another one in white and light blue. This one’s not for me.

Adidas Opticourt Ligra 2 Men - White Light Blue

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    • Pierre Bastien says

      HI Dani, I don’t think so, but I have ordered from to the US before so they should be able to deliver, and maybe the others stores would too.

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