Asics Gel Squad Men

Here’s the Asics Gel Squad, which I’m only able to find in the UK so far.

This is, I believe, called the Asics Gel Squad 2, new for 2013 / 2014. Some affiliate links are below.

Here’s a new green one:

Asics Gel Squad Men [Green]
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And here’s an awesome-looking new navy and orange one:

Asics Gel Squad Men [Navy Orange]

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Here’s an orange one:

Asics Gel Squad 2 - Orange
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Here’s a black and yellow one:

Gel Squad Asics - Black
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And here’s a good-lookin’ blue version:

Asics Gel Squad 2 - Blue
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And here’s the original Asics Gel Squad, which is becoming hard to find:

Here’s a white and blue one.


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And here’s a black one.

Original Black

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Here’s a new one in black and green:

Asics Gel Squad Black and Green

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And a new one in red. Nice.

Asics Gel Squad Red

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  1. Tjeerd says

    The Asics Gel Squad 2 shoes are IMHO very good for squash. They are firm and stiff, which helps with the stability at start-stop movement and turning. The rubber outer soles are longwearing and give good grip. Decently priced, great shoes!

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