Beginner Squash Rackets

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Dunlop Flux 50

Dunlop Flux 50 post image

The Dunlop Flux 50. Looks like it's a beginner squash racket just based on the price ($69.95 / £49.95 at the moment). This puppy weighs in at a hefty 155 grams and is supposed to be head light. It has a nice design: Image via Buy (US): Buy (UK): Have you used [...]


Wilson Impact Pro 900

Wilson Impact Pro 900 post image

This Wilson Impact Pro 900 is a beginner squash racket. It weights 200 grams (very heavy) and is made of aluminum. They say it's head light. Anyway the important point is it's $55. Image via Buy (US): Buy (UK): I haven't tried this. If you have, please leave a comment!


Prince F3 Agile Squash Racket

Prince F3 Agile Squash Racket post image

A beginner's squash racket in the classic Prince teardrop shape.


Head Nano Ti Mirage Squash Racket

Head Nano Ti Mirage

A squash racket for beginners.