Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GTX-140 Squash Racket

This is the Dunlop Pro GTX 140.

Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GTX-140 Squash Racket

It’s the slightly heavier brother to my very own Dunlop Pro GTX-130.

Borja Golan uses this racket. Here he is using it against Mathieu Castagnet:

Golan Castagnet

One thing that’s nice about that picture, besides the racket, is how it sort of looks like Mathieu Castagnet is trying to hold Borja Golan’s hand. How sweet.

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  • Did you every had a chance to compare the gtx 130 and the gtx140?

    If yes … how would you describe the difference?


    • Hi Martin, I never did get a chance to hit with the GTX 140 so I am not sure.

      • Gtx 140 have even balance , and gtx 130 is head light it s the main difference :)

        • Thanks Eugene!

    • Hi everyone, the key differences are the balance 140 (even) 130 (head light) weight 140g and 130g unstrung, and last but not least power, the 140 gives more power but less maneuverability and the 130g gives less power but more/better maneuverability.


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